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Pre-screening Instructions

Here is how it works:
  • You may access the pre-screening site at https://scan.thriftbooks.com/.
  • Your Login ID is your email address
  • Very shortly after we have added you to our system, you will receive an email requesting you create a password
  • Login to the site and check the box to accept the terms of use
  • You may Scan an ISBN barcode using any barcode scanner or you may type in the ISBN by hand
  • The screen will show “Send it” or “Do Not Send”
  • You may enter ISBNs from Books, Books on CD, and DVDs
Please note:
  • The scanner may not recognize the barcode on the BACK of many paperbacks (as it is typically the UPC barcode). If you scan the barcode on the FRONT INSIDE COVER of these paperbacks, it will recognize the barcode (usually the EAN barcode).
  • You may need to hand key DVDs as the scanner does not recognize the barcode in some of these.
  • If the book does not have an ISBN, you may look for the ASIN on Amazon.com and enter it into the screening system.
  • Multiple people may scan under one User ID at the same time. If you would like separate User IDs we are happy to set that up for you.
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